Experience Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park

The most popular reserve of the central highlands, a diverse range of mountain flora and fauna are waiting to be discovered. Be enthralled by the landscape while you traverse through one of the most captivating terrains in the world.

Horton Plains National Park

A diverse range of mountain flora and fauna

Horton Plains National Park is a national park in Sri Lanka's central highlands that was established in 1988. It encompasses montane grassland and cloud forest and is located at an elevation of 2,100–2,300 m. It is densely forested, and many of the species found here are endemic to the area. Explore the towering mountains and the mysterious forests that call the national park home.

Wildlife at Horton Plains

Horton Plains has become home to a thriving herd of Sambar Deer. Other mammals that coexist on the plains include the Striped Mongoose, Long-tailed Giant Squirrel, Wild Boar, the endemic Bear Monkey, Toque Monkey, Fishing cat, Otter, Leopards and many more of Sri Lanka's montane endemics.

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