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Our Story

At W15, we are inspired to create captivating moments that become truly everlasting memories. Traverse the breathtaking island with us and be mesmerized by all that is to be encountered and indulged in.

Our Story

Welcome to W15 Lake Gregory

In 2015, our founders were inspired to establish a brand that would become the quintessential calibre of hospitality and tourism, and with that thought, they made their mark in the industry under the name W15.

W15 Lake Gregory is located near Nuwara Eliya, surrounded by rugged terrain and lush tea gardens. On your next getaway, take in the beautiful scenery and colonial elegance of the hills. The crystal clear waters of Lake Gregory and the Galway National Park are nearby. This beautifully restored palter bungalow has all that you need for the most luxurious getaway to the center of paradise.

Moments to Memories W15 Trademark

At W15, moments of true beauty are never too far away. Each time you step into any W15 property strewn across the island, you will encounter an ambience of true elegance and enchantment. Our distinctively created spaces and world-class service go above and beyond in transforming special and unique moments into ever-lasting memories. W15 boutique resorts, villas, and clubs assure the highest level of service and sophisticated cuisine while opening the door for a flawless escape. Witness the most scenic landscapes in each space, designed with the most exemplary attention to detail, complementing the beauty of the mise en scène.

W15 Lake Gregory Sustainable Future
W15 Lake Gregory Sustainable Future
W15 Lake Gregory Sustainable Future
W15 Lake Gregory Sustainable Future
W15 Lake Gregory Sustainable Future
W15 Lake Gregory Sustainable Future

Special Offers at W15 Lake Gregory

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Pamper yourself with one of the following exclusive offers at W15 Lake Gregory. With service that is simply sublime and Mountain views that are utterly captivating, don’t miss out on a fabulous holiday that doesn't hurt your pocket! Take advantage of these offers now.Indulge in an experience of a lifetime by booking a holiday at W15 Lake Gregory.

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W15 Lake Greogry Nuwara Eliya Grand Offers in Sri Lanka

W15 Properties

Our Collection

W15 Collection brings you the most magical destinations on the island. Captivating landscapes surround every location, and each W15 Collection space is designed to embody the beauty of each destination.


Visit @w15lakegregory and #w15lakegregory to discover unforgettable experiences at W15 Lake Gregory.

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